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The Constitution as a Way of Life - ND College of Arts and Letters

"After Liberalism" - 2014 Paul Holmer Lecture

MacLaurin Institute, University of Minnesota

How I Became a Christian Scholar

Furman University    December, 2014

The Future of Democracy in America

The McConnell Center    February, 2014

"Arlington Reads" - Discussion of "The Memory of Old Jack"

April 19, 2010

Enchantment and Disenchantment on Campus

Edith Stein Project, University of Notre Dame, May, 2015

"Contemplative Fatherhood"

Edith Stein Project, University of Notre Dame

May, 2013

"The Preferential Option for Staying Put"

Front Porch Republic Conference    November, 2011

Mt. St. Mary's University  

Catholic Social Teaching and American Capitalism

Center for Ethics and Culture Annual Conference, October 2014

University of Notre Dame

Oxi Day Lecture

October 27, 2011


First Things Interview: When Corporations Turned on Social Conservatives.  November, 2015.

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