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"A Critique of Patrick Deneen"  by Vincent Phillip Munoz


"Better than Our Philosophy: A Response to Munoz" by Patrick Deneen


"Sustainable Liberalism" by Nathan Schleuter


"Beyond Wishful Thinking: A Response to Schleuter" by Patrick Deneen


"Sustaining American Liberalism," by Vincent Phillip Munoz


"Natural Law Liberalism Beyond Romanticism," by Nathan Schleuter


"Liberalism's Logic and America's Challenge:  A Response to Munoz and Schleuter"  by Patrick Deneen


"Debating Deneen,"  First Things


"Sustaining Liberalism," First Things


"Better Than They Knew: A Response to Patrick Deneen" by Peter Lawler


"Eudaimonia in America" by Robert Miller


"Patrick Deneen, Robert Miller and the American Ethos"


"The Art of Liberty," by Daniel Mahoney


"Public Life Without Political Theory," by Paul J. Griffiths


"Pursuit of Felicitas," by Andrew Latham


"Freedom and Obedience," by Damon Linker


"Disputing Deneen": Matthew Franck, Timothy Fuller, C. Bradley Thompson and Nicholas Capaldi.  Academic Questions, Volume 28, Issue 4, December 2015, pp. 401-437.  

"Corrupting the Youth: A Response to Reilly."  Public Discourse, September, 2017.







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